The Beaver County Kennel Club (BCKC) has been an active member of the Tri-State area’s canine community.  Established in 1948, BCKC has provided many services to dogs and their owners throughout the years, including classes, special events, and all-breed dog shows.  As a member club of the American Kennel Club (AKC), BCKC promotes the welfare and advancement of all dogs.  

Located in Rochester, PA, the BCKC clubhouse features ample parking, a temperature-controlled training room, a spacious meeting room, and a large dog yard with a bagging station. The rubber matting in the Training Room provides safe and comfortable flooring for training classes. The Meeting Room provides an inviting space for meetings and social gatherings.

Seminars, including those focusing on breeding, handling, and pet safety, take place in the clubhouse regularly. An annual health fair offers affordable, convenient health testing and vaccinations at the clubhouse for breeders and pet owners alike.

Beyond the clubhouse, BCKC conducts other large-scale events, including Responsible Dog Ownership Day in Brady’s Run Park, and an all-breed dog show in Canfield, OH. As a member of the Steel Valley Cluster, BCKC joins other area kennel clubs in conducting one of the largest AKC dog shows in the eastern United States, lasting four days in early August, and featuring conformation, obedience, and dock diving events.

The membership of BCKC is diverse, consisting of dog lovers from all walks of life. The club functions as an important resource for those with common interests in breeding, handling, judging, and teaching. The Board of Directors and club officers provide leadership to the club, while maintaining the commitment to uphold the missions of BCKC and the AKC.

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